Thursday 15 May 2003: British Sea PowerOn the second of June the debutalbum The Decline Of British Sea Power by British Sea Power will hit the stores. In Engeland that is, if it is going to be available in Holland remains to be seen. Do Something Pretty has an interview with the Brighton-based band.

MP3 Of The Day: British Sea Power - The Lonely
Not Joy Division, but British Sea Power! (AllMusic Entry)

Tuesday 13 May 2003: New cdI forgot to mention that I've bought the debut-min-album (6 tracks) O Veux-tu Qu'je R'garde by Noir Desir this weekend. This is the third French cd I own, after Louise Attaque's self-titled album and Brle by Miossec.

MP3 Of The Day: Quasi - It's Raining
What is there to say about Quasi? That one half of the band is Sleater-Kinney drumster Janet Weiss? That former Elliott Smith/Heatmiser bassist Sam Coomes is the other? That they performed with Lou Barlow, Stephen Malkmus and Stereolab, and I'm not even mentioning Elliott Smith and Sleater-Kinney? Well, that It's Raining is simple a very good song. Pulled from their last album The Sword Of God, which was released almost two years ago already. (AllMusic Entry)

Monday 12 May 2003: New videoclip RadioheadIt has been standing in my singles-chart for some time now, the great song There There by Radiohead. And the videoclip is just as good as the music. You can download it here (47,3 MB). Thanks to Out There.

MP3 Of The Day: Radio 4 - Eyes Wide Open
From Radiohead to Radio 4. That band was named after a P.I.L.-song, but The Clash and Gang Of Four have also been a great influence on the New Yorkers. The album Gotham, produced by the DFA (the Neptunes of electrorock), consisted of 13 original popsongs, of which Eyes Wide Open has also been released as a single. (AllMusic Entry)

Sunday 11 May 2003: Updated chartsThe singles- as well as the albums-chart are updated once again. The only new entry at the singles is A Long, Long Time by St. Thomas, but there are as much as three new albums.

MP3 Of The Day: Kid Dakota - The Overcoat
Kid Dakota is the pseudonym of Darren Jackson. The most important influences on this boy from Minneapolis are Elliott Smith, Built To Spill, Low (of course) and yes, Neutral Milk Hotel. On his So Pretty LP from last year he is supported by 12 Rods-drummer Christopher McGuire and (since recently ex-)Low-bassist Zak Sally. The last song from the afore mentioned cd is available for download at (AllMusic Entry)

Saturday 10 May 2003: Hot Hot Heat in Ekko (II)So, yesterday I was in Utrecht to see Hot Hot Heat perform at Ekko. The show was good and I've bought a new t-shirt as well. The singer was very enthousiastic and luckily his voice was just as unique and clear live as it is in the living room. I've missed the support-act Dress, but according to some people that's not something I have to worry about.

MP3 Of The Day:
The Blood Brothers - Ambulance vs. Ambulance
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the genre is apparently called emocore. The bands that go with it are Hot Water Music, A.F.I. and Boy Sets Fire. It all sounds a bit monotone to me. But the two songs I've heard by The Blood Brothers so far have a lot more potention. Thanks to Joris Gillet. (AllMusic Entry)

Friday 9 May 2003: Hot Hot Heat in EkkoI've had a minor problem with my DotTK-url today. That caused the fact that this site was unavailable through the address since this morning. If it should happen again, you could always visit my site on this url.

You can download a cd with all kinds of free mp3's from the weblog of Joris Gillet. Amongst the artists that are featured on the record are Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Postal Service, Songs:Ohio, Yo La Tengo and Arab Strap.

Tonight I will go to Hot Hot Heat in Ekko in Utrecht. You can download a song from this band from the Subpop-label below.

MP3 Of The Day: Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
The Subpop-label has been proving for a long time that they are more than just a grunge-label. The alternative genre is also well presented on this record company. I'll name just a few acts: Beachwood Sparks, Iron & Wine, The Postal Service, The Shins and Hot Hot Heat, as I mentioned above. That Canadian band is one of the best new acts last year, in my humble opinion. Their synth-pop album Make Up The Breakdown is packed with catchy songs like Oh, Goddamnit and Bandages. The recycled eighties music has also been succesfully exercised by The Faint, The French Kicks and The Walkmen. (AllMusic Entry)

Thursday 8 May 2003: New single Mull Historical SocietyFirst I would like to say that I have the new album Black Cherry of Goldfrapp in my possession since today. I didn't have to spend any money on it, because I won it. I've already added it to my record collection-page.

The Scottish singer/songwriter Colin MacIntyre, better known as Mull Historical Society, will soon release the second single of his album Us. It will be the second track of the cd, Am I Wrong. There will be two different cd-singles and a vinyl-version of the single. Except for the titletrack the different releases of the single will also feature three new songs, a cover of Ms Dynamite's It Takes More and a R&B version of the last single The Final Arrears. The videoclip of the new and former singles are online at the video section of the Mull Historical Society website.

MP3 Of The Day: Mull Historical Society - The Final Arrears
If you would like to get to know Mull Historical Society you can download the song The Final Arrears through the link above. (AllMusic Entry)

Wednesday 7 May 2003: Teenage Therapy?Everybody knows the Hsker D-cover Diane by the Irish band Therapy? But now they've also covered another important band from the eighties.

MP3 Of The Day: Therapy? - Teenage Kicks
Namely the Undertones. And they even picked the song Teenage Kicks. It's a bit of a dare, but Therapy? manages to give the song a twist of their own. Their new cd High Anxiety is once again a good one by the way. I can already give away that that record and the single If It Kills Me will surely enter my charts this weekend. (AllMusic Entry)

Tuesday 6 May 2003: CounterMy NedStat counter is very informative. It's how I found out that I have regular visitors from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, England and Canada. But recently even someone from the other side of the world came to my site.

Apparently one of the approximately 1800 residents of the island wanted to see my weblog. I've had to look it up, but Niue is somewhere between New-Zealand and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

MP3 Of The Day: Jonny Polonsky - Even The Oxen
Through Kindamuzik I came across the site of Protest Records today. It's a collection of tens of protest songs (the name kind of gives it away) in MP3-format. One of them is from the American singer/songwriter Jonny Polonsky. He's supposedly discovered by Frank Black, but he sounds more like Jeff Buckley. Polonsky has already released two cd's in America, titled Hi My Name Is Jonny and There Is Something Wrong With You. Because of label-perils there's a gap of five years between both albums. Since his last album from the beginning of 2001 he hasn't made any new material, except for the song Even The Oxen. (AllMusic Entry)

Monday 5 May 2003: Danish songsToday I have as much as three MP3's, all from Denmark, with thanks to Morten Stytzer. First up is the song Seems Like by Steric. A cheerful popsong, nothing wrong with that.

MP3 Of The Day: Sensuous - Wonderful Times
A similar new Danish act is Sensuous. Although they just formed in the beginning of 2000 the band has already released a variety of singles, that were frequently played on the Danish P3 radio. One of those singles is Wonderful Times, that is available for download at the artist's website free of charge. The new single Don't Go is also worth downloading. (No AllMusic Entry)

Sunday 4 May 2003: New listsThe first charts of May are online now. There are four new entries at the singles-chart, of which Turin Brakes enters at the highest place. The top 4 of the albums is completely mixed up, so there's also a new number 1. The highest new entry at that chart is The Golden State by Mia Doi Todd, who I happened to have seen live yesterday in Tivoli too. She supported The Folk Implosion, the band of Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh), together with Alaska!.

MP3 Of The Day: Psychic Signal - Containment
For the first time in a couple of weeks an MP3 of Dutch making. The Haarlem-based band Psychic Signal is influenced by bands like Nirvana, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Weezer and The White Stripes. A while ago they were on local radio for two hours, in the same program in which Within Temptation once only got one hour air-time. On the picture above are recognizable from left to right the bandmembers Joost (vocals/guitar), Yannick (bass/vocals), Mark (drums) and Bert (guitar/vocals). (No AllMusic Entry)

Friday 2 May 2003: New St. Thomas albumBut first two links: Mansun is calling it a day, and the Al-Sahaf weblog.

Norwegian artist St. Thomas has completed his new cd. Although he didn't get any attention outside Norway until his last album I'm Coming Home, the new Hey Harmony is his fourth record already. St. Thomas, also known as Thomas Hansen, is being assisted by Tony Crow, Matt Swanson (both of Lambchop), Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel, Bablicon), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Espen Mellingen (Ai Phoenix, Poor Rich Ones) and Bosse Litzheim (Ai Phoenix). City Slang will release the album throughout Europe on the 12th of May. In Norway it already has been a great succes for a few weeks. Thanks to St. Thomas 1976 for the information.

MP3 Of The Day: St. Thomas - A Long, Long Time
The release of the album Hey Harmony was preceded by the A Long Long Time EP, which entered the Norwegian charts at number 2. The titlesong of this record is available for download at the City Slang website. (AllMusic Entry)

Thursday 1 May 2003: Folk ImplosionNext Saturday I'll go to the the Folk Implosion in Tivoli, Utrecht. The band of Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh) is currently touring through Europe, where they will also visit Amsterdam (Paradiso, small room, tomorrow). The support acts will be Alaska! and Mia Doi Todd.

MP3 Of The Day: Ikara Colt - Pop Group
I linked to Division Of Laura Lee yesterday, today I have an MP3 of another favourite garagerock-band of mine: Ikara Colt. Last year they made their debut with the album Chat And Business, which together with the albums of The Libertines and The Cooper Temple Clause rang in the resurrection of English rockmusic. Since last year however, when they played at Glastonbury on the Other Stage (with amongst others Queens Of The Stone Age, Idlewild and The Cooper Temple Clause), it has been very quiet around the Londoners. (AllMusic Entry)