Sunday 29 June 2003: ChartsThe new charts are online again. The Thermals have taken over the top position of the singleschart from Fountains Of Wayne. The re-release of the single Day By Day by Serafin is the highest new entry. The number 1 of the albumschart is now Fountains Of Wayne. The highest new entry is British Sea Power's debutalbum.

MP3 Of The Day:
The Sunshine Fix - A Day In The Life
One of the best albums that The Beatles have made is Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. After almost fourty years the songs on that album, like A Day In The Life, still sound fresh. Bill Doss (AKA The Sunshine Fix) probably feels the same, because he covered that song. After the split of Olivia Tremor Control one singer (Will Cullen Hart) continued on his experimental side-project Circulatory System. The other (Doss) focused on the pop-side of OTC in his band The Sunshine Fix. (AllMusic Entry)

Saturday 28 June 2003: New cdI've got a new cd again, namely Spiral Static by Sugarcult. Actually, it's a double-cd, with audio on one cd and the DVD Action on the other. The DVD features a few of the punkband's videoclips and some loose footage.

MP3 Of The Day:
The Stratford 4 - She Married The Birds
The psychedelic rock-bands are completely hot again. After Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Warlocks now The Stratford 4 has made a great album. Except for these two bands the three great ones The Velvet Underground, The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine are also logical references for the album Love & Distortion. (AllMusic Entry)

Thursday 26 June 2003: S.T.U.N.In the United States they do not only have MTV but also MTV2, a station that does play good music on a regular basis. From this weekend on they have a special together with Rolling Stone with only new music, under the name 10 Bands You Need To Know About. One of these ten bands is S.T.U.N., a punkband from Los Angeles.

MP3 Of The Day: S.T.U.N. - Movement
S.T.U.N. are making punk that is modelled upon British grand-masters like The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Their debutalbum Evolution of Energy may sound a bit monotonous, but songs like the single Movement make the record certainly worth listening to. You can also watch the video for Movement in both Windows Media- and Real-format. (AllMusic Entry)

Wednesday 25 June 2003: Crazy BeatYou can listen to Blur's latest single Crazy Beat on Epitonic.

MP3 Of The Day: The Contrail - Prime Ideals
The Contrail are based in California, but you shouldn't expect sunny Beach Boys-like music. They are more similar to Guided By Voices. Frontman Erin Czech has also been listening to The Pixies and Sonic Youth when he was young, according to the website. Correspondence School, the latest cd of the band, was released in 2000 on Turn Records. (AllMusic Entry)

Monday 23 June 2003: ServerI'm currently playing with the thought to move my site to a server without ads. However, I would like to hold on to the current layout. Putting my weblog on Pitas is an idea, but then I have to put two languages on one page. Do you have any suggestions, please mail me or leave a message at my guestbook.

MP3 Of The Day: Matthew - Everybody Down
Everybody Down by the Chicago-based band Matthew is the only cd I own twice. I haven't bought it twice by accident, but they're two different versions. The titelsong of this record was one of my favourite songs of last year. The video for Everybody Down is available in various formats the multimedia on the Matthew website. Sounds like: Jeff Buckley, early Radiohead. (AllMusic Entry)

Sunday 22 June 2003: ChartsThe weekly charts are filled with some great new music again. There are as much as five new entries at the singleschart. The highest of them is No Culture Icons by The Thermals. Fountains Of Wayne still leads the chart. At the albumschart Radiohead also remains at the top position. The highest new entry is Lovers ny The Sleepy Jackson.

MP3 Of The Day: Sportique - Other Peoples' Girlfriends
One of the many indiebands that keep on getting mentioned by Martijn Grooten on Think Small is Sportique. The members of this band have played in (amongst others) Talulah Gosh and The Razorcuts before. Their latest album Communiqué No. 9 has, just like the former two, been influenced by The Buzzcocks and Wire, but to name a few. If the rest of the mini-album (17 minutes) is just as good as Other People's Girlfriends this could be one of my favourite albums of 2003. (AllMusic Entry)

Saturday 21 June 2003: The Coral VideoclipYou can see the videoclip of the latest The Coral single Pass It On on their official website. Also make sure to download the song by the Dears displayed below, which will definitely enter my singleschart tomorrow.

MP3 Of The Day: The Dears - Lost In The Plot
After Hot Hot Heat there's another new hot band coming from Canada. The Dears were formed in Montreal and made the very English-sounding record No Cities Left this year. The excellent single Lost In The Plot savours of The Smiths and on the rest of the album Blur and Radiohead come back frequently as influences. The videoclip of the single is also available for download. (AllMusic Entry)

Friday 20 June 2003: New Muse singleThe first single of the yet to be titled third Muse album is being released at the 25th of August. You can download the song Stockholm Syndrome from the official Muse website for a week starting on the 7th of July. However, it's going to cost you 99 pence. As a free taster for the album, which is most likely going to be released somewhere in September, you can download a bootleg from the Fuji Rock gig at Muscle Muse. They played two new songs, The Smallprint and New Piano. According to Kerrang, Muse have recorded 12 other new songs as well. The final cut of the album will reportedly have 12 tracks.

MP3 Of The Day: The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP
On the 25th of May last Jeremy Ward from The Mars Volta was found dead at his Los Angeles appartment. An overdosis has allegedly been the cause. A month later his band's first full album is being released. De-Loused In The Comatorium is one of the most exciting albums of this year. Last year, the release of the EP Tremulant showed that The Mars Volta have much more potential than Sparta, that other band that formed after the break-up of At The Drive-In. On the new MV-album they manage to fulfil their potential. (AllMusic Entry)

Thursday 19 June 2003: The Darkness covers RadioheadThe British glamrock-band The Darkness have recorded a cover of Radiohead's Street Spirit. You can download the MP3 here. Thanks to Kindamuzik's Out There.

MP3 Of The Day: The Tyde - Go Ask Yer Dad
The last performance on the The Tyde's European Tour is on the Metropolis festival in Rotterdam next month. A nice opportunity to place one of their songs. The Tyde consists for one half out of members of Beachwood Sparks. The main difference with that band is the addition of organist Ann Do, who gives the band it's unique sound. The single Go Ask Yer Dad comes from the album Twice (the follow-up to debutalbum Once). (AllMusic Entry)

Tuesday 17 June 2003: MetropolisOn the 6th of July I'll go to the Metropolis festival in Rotterdam. I'm especially looking forward to the performances of Electric 6, Interpol, The Postal Service, The Thermals and The Warlocks. Other bands that are scheduled to play at the free festival are The Black Keys, The Buffseeds, Eastern Lane, Ed Harcourt, The Riplets and The Tyde. Since the official website of the festival isn't working yet, you can see the full line-up at The site is Dutch, but the link leads you directly to the right page, so you should be able to figure it out.

MP3 Of The Day: The Possibilities - Invisible
The second album of The Possibilities, Way Out, was released by Parasol Records last year. The singer's voice in the song Invisible is very similar to Mull Historical Society's Colin MacIntyre. Because of the use of a choir the song gets a sort of Polyphonic Spree-like (or MHS-like) feeling. (AllMusic Entry)

Monday 16 June 2003: Louise AttaqueToday I have an MP3 from France. It's a live-song from the band Louise Attaque.

MP3 Of The Day: Louise Attaque - La Plume (Live)
Compared to the number of inhabitants there aren't a lot of good bands from France. Noir Desir, Air and some electronica-acts, that's about it. Luckily they still have Louise Attaque. On the cd Comme On A Dit from 2000 they come across as the French Levellers. The song La Plume from that album sounds like a poppy French version of the 16 Horsepower-song Clogger. If you have become excited by this MP3, you should also check out the audiostream of Tu Dis Rien, from the same album. (AllMusic Entry)