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MP3's Of The Day of May 2003 sorted by Date:

Date Artist Song/Download
31-05-2003 Interpol NYC
30-05-2003 Lilys The Dunes
29-05-2003 Biffy Clyro 27
28-05-2003 Early Day Miners New Holland
27-05-2003 At The Drive-In One Armed Scissor
25-05-2003 Enon Natural Disasters
24-05-2003 Guided By Voices My Kind Of Soldier
23-05-2003 Pinback Offline PK
22-05-2003 Kleenex Girl Wonder Amelia
20-05-2003 Kaito Go
19-05-2003 The Special Goodness Life Goes By
18-05-2003 Electric Six Danger! High Voltage!
17-05-2003 Muse Plug In Baby
16-05-2003 3 Colours Red Sixty Mile Smile
15-05-2003 British Sea Power The Lonely
13-05-2003 Quasi It's Raining
12-05-2003 Radio 4 Eyes Wide Open
11-05-2003 Kid Dakota The Overcoat
10-05-2003 The Blood Brothers Ambulance vs. Ambulance
09-05-2003 Hot Hot Heat Bandages
08-05-2003 Mull Historical Society The Final Arrears
07-05-2003 Therapy? Teenage Kicks
06-05-2003 Jonny Polonsky Even The Oxen
05-05-2003 Sensuous Wonderful Times
04-05-2003 Psychic Signal Containment
02-05-2003 St. Thomas A Long, Long Time
01-05-2003 Ikara Colt Pop Group

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