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MP3's Of The Day of June 2003 sorted by Date:

Date Artist Song/Download
29-06-2003 The Sunshine Fix A Day In The Life
28-06-2003 The Stratford 4 She Married The Birds
26-06-2003 S.T.U.N. Movement
25-06-2003 The Contrail Prime Ideals
23-06-2003 Matthew Everybody Down
22-06-2003 Sportique Other Peoples' Girlfriends
21-06-2003 The Dears Lost In The Plot
20-06-2003 The Mars Volta Inertiatic ESP
19-06-2003 The Tyde Go Ask Yer Dad
17-06-2003 The Possibilities Invisible
16-06-2003 Louise Attaque La Plume (Live)
15-06-2003 Goldcard Destroy And Recreate
14-06-2003 The Thermals No Culture Icons
13-06-2003 The Decemberists Shiny
12-06-2003 Clem Snide All Green
10-06-2003 The Catheters I Fall Easy
09-06-2003 The Hidden Cameras A Miracle
08-06-2003 Cat Power He War
07-06-2003 White Light Motorcade It's Happening

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